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barring any last-minute changes, the commonwealth of virginia is set to execute a woman for the first time in 100 years. >> fox investigators are still trying to figure out what started a fire that took the life of a mother and her two children. we are live on capitol hill with more on what you need to
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know about important changes in health care reform. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 starts right now. it is thursday, september 23rd, 2010 as we take a live look over wisconsin avenue this morning. you will notice when you step outside it is definitely hotter and stickier than it has been over the past couple of days. good morning. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir. >> we'll give a chance to give back. we are teaming up with mix 107.3 for a fundraiser to help the children's national medical center. today, we are holding a radiothon. if you would like to donate, can you do so in a couple of ways. can you call the number on your screen or you can e-mail or go online. our tony perkins is down there. we'll check in with him in a couple of minutes. >> first, we'll check in with tucker barnes.
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he has the latest on our summery forecast. >> you got it. hot and humid out there. our high temperature was 94 degrees. it felt good. >> it is fall! >> i know t won't feel like fall out there even though today is our first full day of fall. we'll have the possibility of record heat around here tomorrow. >> record? >> yes, something to look forward to. i'm kidding. let's take a look at what is going on. 73degrees at reagan national. 69 in fredericksburg. 71 at patuxent naval air station. showers and thunderstorms roll through parts of the overlast night. it brought some needed rain. that was the good news. it also brought a lot of lightning and some very gusty winds to parts of the area. that is offshore now and we're waking up with a little morning fog out there because of the overnight moisture. after some morning clouds an a little fog, i think it will be a mostly sunny afternoon. should be warm this morning and then hot this afternoon with highs once again topping out in the low 90s. if you think that is unusual for late september, you would
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be right. our average daytime high is in the upper 70s. so close to 15 degrees above where we should be later this afternoon. more details on the forecast. we will be cooler for the weekend. those details in just a minute. >> i'm just going to stay inside for the rest of today and tomorrow. >> it won't be that bad. >> i'm going to go out and embrace it. >> sarah, i thought we were doing lunch today. >> we're doing lunch today? oh, you're buying. >> i have tony's credit card. >> all right. great. >> on the roads, if you are traveling eastbound along 66, wave traffic slowing in manassass you approach business 34. and we have the delays here heading towards 123. the beltway runs with ease so far leaving annandale to merrifield. the earlier accident we mentioned, # 95 northbound before you reach king street at seminary road. all of that activity is cleared. southbound 270 out of hyattstown. a slow one as you make your way out towards the truck scales.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. today ache virginia woman will become the first female in the commonwealth to be put to death in nearly a century. the u.s. supreme court refused to block the execution of 41- year-old theresa lewis. the governor has declined two requests for collegenessy collegeness -- clemency. 4-year-old ally anderson was able to save her three children. she handed them out a wind to to her uncle but she never returned whether she went back in for her two youngest sons. neighbors in the close night community set up a memorial outside the house.
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our other big story today marks six months since the signing of president obama's health care reform law. now, among the changes going into he can for some people, are insurance plans that can no longer set lifetime caps on medical costs. parents can keep the adult children on the health plans until age 2. unsurers can no longer deny coverage for children with preexisting conditions an some reventive care will no longer require copayments either. there is still a fight over health care reform as some states are suing the federal government over the legislation. republicans are pulling one out of the old playbook. the gop is set to sign and release its pledge to america agenda at a ban virginia hardware store today. it is meant to signal the party's focus on issues ahead of the mid-tern elections. you may recall the contract for america helped house americans reclaim a majority 16 years ago. coming up next, why the top u.s. commander in afghanistan
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is downplaying expectations of plained withdrawal of american troops from the country. also, with several more week expected until they can be rescued, there has been another set back for dozens of miners trapped underground in chile. >> we ask if your help with our radiothon with our partners at mix 107.3 this morning trying to help raise money for the children's national medical center. we'll check in with tony perkins would is down there in just a minute.  ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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in china, they're busy building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a
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renewable electricity standard today.
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a navy seal from our area was killed fighting in afghanistan. brendan loony grew up in montgomery county he went to the naval academy and went off to war. of his one of nine americans killed in a nato hunt crash in southern afghanistan.
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loany leaves behind a wife, his parents and five brothers and sisters. the top commander in you think fa is downplaying expectations that we will be withdrawing from afghanistan next year. he says president obama's policy review is little more than a mid-course assessment. he says can he set his own timetable based on conditions on the ground. a setback in the effort to free those 33 miners trapped in chile. one of the hammers on a drill broke off and fell to the bottom of the shaft. officials believe it was most likely due to a change in ground conditions. however, works believe the men will still be rescued in late october or early november. several week earlier than first estimated. coming up, let's say you stop by to grab some coffee on your way to work. you left your cash and your cards back at home. looks like you have to give up that cup of joe, right? maybe not. now, you might be able to buy it just by sending a text message. we'll take a closer look at how this all works. now, let's take a live look outside. we'll get the latest forecast
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from tucker plus an update on traffic from julie. so far, things near the pentagon on 395 looking pretty good. we'll check in with her. as we head to break, we'll ask again for your help with our radiothon. we are trying to help raise money for the children's national medical center. to make a donation, can you call the number on your screen. or you you can go online at mix 1073. com. the keyword is kids. we'll check in with tony perkins on how to help coming up next. 
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take a look outside as we focus in on the u.s. capitol on this thursday morning. it is september 3rd. glad you are along with us. pretty decent day. going to be another hot an seemy one though like we had yesterday. we are now officially into
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fall. >> it looked like the camera was bouncing around a bit. >> not breezy. i don't know what that is. >> someoneup ping near the camera. i don't know what is going on there. going to be hot an humid here with highs -- drum roll, sarah. >> she always does it for me. gurvir never does it. >> i try to entertain. >> the fall weather will be back in a good way towards the end of the weekend. >> good. let's get to it. >> i know we had some showers and pretty good thunderstorms develop last night. they are out of here and can you expect just partly sunny conditions and mild for this time of year. warm in spots. we have 70s here in town. upper 60s generally across the region as the kids are headed out to the bus stop.
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sunrise this morning, 6:57 in the morning. 68 in quantico. martinsburg is 63. annapolis, 71. nice, mild start to the day. high temperatures later this afternoon just like yesterday back into the low to mid-90s across the area. can you expect high temperatures to be running about 10 to 15-degree above where they should be later this afternoon. should be a quiet one for us. we did get the showers and thunderstorms yesterday. at least isolated tom activity. that is off the coast. can you see it well off the coast at this hour and off to the north and west, not awe whole lot going on. we have generally quiet conditions. this frontal system will get through here late friday and saturday. likely come through dry but what it will do is really cool is down as we get into the weekend. temperature by sunday, high temperatures by sunday will only be in the middle 70s. here is another look at what has happened. an area of high pressure has gotten appearingorred here to the south an west of us -- gotten anchored here to the
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south and west of us. we'll be experiencing the heat for another couple of days. i think our best chance for record high temperatures will occur tomorrow as we're expected to be in the mid-90s. our record high tomorrow, 94 degrees. good chance we could tie or perhaps set a new record. why not after all the heat wave had around here. mostly sunny, hot and humid. >> reporter: record high for today is 98 degrees. i don't think we'll get there. the five-day forecast, i mentioned the possibility of some record heat tomorrow. 94-degree. here comes the cooldown for the weekend. lots of sunshine saturday. saturday should be just fine with high temperatures in the mid-80s. more clouds on sunday. mid-70s. look luke we get some rain. timing on that probably late in the day on monday with highs again in the mid-70s. the 90s will be out of here for good as we get into the weekend. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest. >> all right. i think we have the crew in sky fox joining us this morning. right now, they are making the trip off of 95 and headed
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southbound. problems where we had some problems with the signal lights powder mill drive, that is where we had problems with the signals not working properly. if that happens, you need to treat the intersection as a four way stop. i don't see that going on. this looks pretty much like a free for all as you travel at powder mill road and beltsville drive. you need to proceed with the intersection with caution. the other side of town, we'll take you there live. you will slow leaving university boulevard over to colesville road with no incidents to reported. randolph road at fairland road. eastbound 66 slowing in manassas and again from 50 to 13 and after nutley street to the beltway. we need some help this morning with our radiothon with our partners, mix 10 #.#. >> we are triking to help raise machiney for the children's national medical center. that is where tony perkins is this morning. good morning. >> how is it going out there?
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>> good morning to both of you. i cannot believe a year has gone by since we were last ear at the children's in the medical center. it is the mix for kids radiothon. fox 5 is one of the media partners with 107.3. we are happy to be here and tell you about the amazing work they do here. some 3 # 0,000 children every year are taken care of here. it is a big operation. it take a lot of money to do it. and that is what this whole event is about, raising money for the folk here and the work they to. the jack diamond morning show is under way. jack diamond himself is under the we are. we hope you feel better. we know he would love to be here. we have carson here in his place. >> i am here and it is an honor. >> i'm thrilled to work with you. >> good to meet you and work with you as well. this is a big deal for us. last year, a thrilling success after the first year. we are hoping to top what we
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did last year joopt what are the goals, if not a financial goal, just in terms of what you want people to do. how you want people to respond. >> i think the biggest thing we are here to raise funds but also to open the doors to children's national medical center so people can see what is going on here. we don't realize as we go through our day to day lives with healthy kids, most of us, that your life can turn around in a second. these people do it every day in and out,ee after year, illnesses, injuries. and we want people to know what is happening every day. >> we'll meet some of those people who have come through the doors here at children's in the medical center. i know you've got a left folk coming on your show. a lot of the great stories. mix # 07.3 will be broadcasting until 7:00 this evening. we'll be live until 10:00 this morning. we with want you to pick up the phones and call. you can also go to mix 1073
6:21 am keyword kids to donate. we'll see you again in just a bit. we'll have more in just a little bit. back to you guys. >> thank you. we'll see you again real soon. coming up, the september rally on hold now after stock closed down a bit yesterday. we'll get the latest on the day ahead on wall street in our business beat plus some surprising news about general motors. that is all coming up next as fox 5 morning news continues.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation.
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when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. is. stocks take their first dip in september and we are learning more about what it will take for the government to break even in the ininvestment in general motors. chris cotter joins us this morning. what is drying the markets this morning? >> we've got a couple of reports whichings is unlike yesterday. yesterday, we had a dearth of economic data to go on. we get our weekly initial joble claims numbers and as we've
6:25 am
seen over last month, that has been getting better. last week for the first time in a while, it helped the markets. we'll keep an eye on that. existing home sales a little bit later as well. so two fairly big economic reports to look at today. >> we've talked about general motors and the ipo that may be coming up at some point in the near future. we are hearing that, if they want to break even, if might cost the investors a little bit more than we thought, at least per share. >> we are thinking that we'll get an ipo in mid-november from general motors. according to a letter from the tarp watchdog to one of the congressman, he said the u.s. government would need to sell their shares and they own roughly 304 million shares. the all-time record for general motors was $93 in april of 2000. so you look at the ream yum they will have to sell for. the government won't sell all
6:26 am
shares in november. people will buy it. there will be an appetite for the stock. the price will go up and the company will remain profitable and the price will go way up. it will tax a long time and take some serious appreciation in terms of that stock value from general motors to make our money back qoo we'll have to leave it there today. we'll see you again tomorrow. keep an eye up for starbucks possibly raising prices as well. six months after the signing of the president's health care reform law, there are some changes. where you going? let's take a live look outside. maybe that camera wanted to get outside and enjoy the warmth. take a look at the 14th street bridge right now. traffic is up next with julie as well. as we head to break, let's head back down to children's national medical center right now to take a look at the good folk volunteering to help out. we are partnering up with mix 107.3 to try to raise machiney
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for the children's national medical center. to make a donation, call the number on your screen. tony perkins is down there as well. lights are out. wow! we'll go to break. we're back with more after this. building wind farms and
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expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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take a live look over the washington monument this morning on this september 3rd actually nice warm one out there this morning. if you enjoy the summery weather, enjoy it today. it won't last much longer. >> let's check in with tucker barnes and find out a little bit more about that. >> can you say that again. certainly hot and humid out there yesterday. going to be the same today. same tomorrow. and then we'll cool it down for the weekend. let's deal with right now. we had some overnight rain and some thunderstorm activity. not everywhere but some of us got some pretty good soaking wayne rain. should be a nice fine day with
6:31 am
lots of sunshine in the forecast. let's get to temperatures and we're currently back to 71 degrees. 719 winning number. humidity, 84% p that is way up there. that is why we have a little bit of localized fog. that will burn off in the next hour or two. winds are out of the north. there is your shower and thunderstorm activity. most of us, particularly if you are in virginia, didn't see much of anything yesterday. as we get up and out the door, just a little bit of cloud cover out there. how about a partly cloudy start and as we get into the afternoon, it should be mostly sunny. there could be one or two sprinkles particularly north and west up towards the pennsylvania border. other than that, we should be try today. generally drier than yesterday and hot with high temperatures as mentioned in the steamy category. lots of sunshine, hot and humid. 91degrees with winds out of the the north and west at five miles per hour. we need some cooler
6:32 am
temperatures and rain. we'll have that coming up in just a member. i will attempt to answer weather guy too. >> i think you can do it. >> we have faith in you. let's check in with julie wright. she's got a look at traffic out there on the roadways. heating up out there. >> it is. we've got some problems if you are traveling along 95 or just west of i-95. powder mill road at beltsville drive, the signals are on flash. people are not treating this intersection as a four way stop. spectator slowdown going to find that the lanes are open. this is a widened shot here from them. if you are traveling westbound 495 headed over towards georgia, all of the lanes are open. this is pretty much a typical delay that we are finding here as you make your way past holy cross. we'll show you what else is happening. southbound # 70 well below
6:33 am
speed on the top side out of hyattstown. this is the slow stretch that extends out to the truck scales. more tea lays starting to form at 118 in germantown. northbound i-95 in newington, no accidents to report. a little bit below speed as you continue up towards springfield. our big story this morning. the nation's new health care law turns six months old today and with that milestone brings big benefits for some people as well as skepticism from some lawmakers. matt ackland joins us with more. >> reporter: there is still so much debate over whether this health care reform is needed and how much it is going to cost. let's take you through some of the initiatives today. some of the chains allow parents to keep kids on their i were assurance until 2.
6:34 am
coverage cannot be denied for preexisting conditions. this no lifetime limbits on benefits and most preventive care visits will not require a co-payment. but the fight against this reform is still under way. some states, including virginia are suing the federal government over this legislation. >> the fact is that the average person doesn't really identify with that kind of a setting. very, very few people have experienced much of anything at all positive from this health reform and they are not going to for years to come. >> you are not going to go bankrupt. you are not going to lose your house if, heaven for bid, you end up having an accident and you are able to get the quality care that you need. >> reporter: can you bet this is going to be a huge campaign issue over the next month. republicans fighting against it. some even saying that they will repeal it if they take control of congress. democrats saying that this was the right thing to do.
6:35 am
in fact, president obama was out yesterday in falls church tallying this new legislation and democrats are backing him up but i'm sure we're going to be hearing a lot about it before the mid-term. back to you. >> matt ackland reporting live. thank you. much more ahead on the changes to health care. coming up in the 7:00 hour, we will be joined by a representative from america's health insurance plans which represents 1300 member companies that provide health coverage for some 200 million americans. >> we need your help with our radiothon as we partner up with mix 1073 this morning. >> we are trying to help raise money for the children's national medical center and that is where tony perkins is this morning. >> good morning, everybody. yeah, it is the mix for kids radiothon, the third annual event to benefit the folks at children's in the malcenter. it is all about raising money for the work that they do here. it costs them a million dollars a day just to open the doors. that is the minimum amount it take to run this hospital and its related facilities. so there is a lot of need to
6:36 am
money here because some of the patients that she serve don't have money, don't have insurance and they take care of everybody. they don't turn anybody away. we will be introducing to you through the course of the morning some of the patients who have come through the doors. daisy baker is a four grader and she is one of them. you are nine years old. >> yes. >> daisy's grandma, debbie is here as well. tell us about what brought to you children's hospital. how many years ago was it now? several years ago. yeah. tell me why you came here. >> because i had cancer. >> you had cancer. you went to the doctor for a regular check-up and you were showing some symptoms and you were diagnosed -- it was on christmas eve, correct? >> yes. >> leukemia, is that what you had. >> yes. >> so when you found that out, were you afraid, how were you feel something. >> i don't really know exactly
6:37 am
but i know that my mom was very upset because, when i was in the ambulance, i was watching this little show or something and my mom, she was just crying. >> you spent some time here. how was your time here? >> i think it was pretty nice because all the nurses and all the doctors, they took really nice care of me and it was very -- this is my favorite hospital i've ever been to. >> i'm told that you -- for people would don't know much about leukemia, you have a description for us. >> it is a cancer that gets into your body and it is a blood cancer. >> okay. and today, you are cancer-free? >> yes, yes, a am. >> tell me about what is going on in your life right now. how is school going in what do you like to do in your free time? >> i like to read and i ride my bike a lot.
6:38 am
and sometimes i write little poems and stories if i get bored. >> can i say you are very artistic. daisy just made a sign. can you hold it up. it has got the phone number for the radiothon here for those of you who are able to contributed, want to contribute. it is very easy to do. just call that number for the mix for kids radiothon and you can contribute. daisy, congratulation to you. you are a beautiful little girl. debbie, i know your whole family has got to be very grateful for the work they do here at children's. >> children's has been a lifesaver for us. if it hadn't been for them, i don't know if we'd still have daisy. >> are you going to hang out all morning? >> yes, i am. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a singer. >> a singer. maybe he can get you to sing a little bit later on.
6:39 am
how about that? >> i don't know. >> we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. you can bow to the web site, www.mix 1073. com. >> i've been downly a -- down there a bunch of times. >> hopefully can you help out at home. we'll have more for you throughout the morning. also, coming up, no cash or credit? no problem. if you have a cell phone, you can pay by text. we'll take a look as fox 5 morning news continues.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason.
6:42 am
first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. there is more of the good folks helping out down at children's national medical
6:43 am
center where we are teaching up for a fundraiser to help out. we've all been there. you get to the store, you realize you forgot your cash and your cards but that doesn't mean have you to head back home in order to shop as long as you have your cell phone handy. all you have to do is send a text message. fox's lisa murphy explains how it works. >> reporter: at this coffee shop, you don't need cash to get aup of joe. same teal at this restaurant, no cash, no problem. >> they can come in and eat and leave without paying. >> reporter: well, they don't pay the old fashioned way but they do pay by cell phone. >> they get a text message seconds later that says thanks for eating lunch here. >> reporter: the future is here and you don't need to cary cash be, plastic or even a wallet as long as you have your cell phone. >> we do everything el from our phone. we figured let's make a nice
6:44 am
way to use your phone as your wallet. >> reporter: they are former college roommates that say they hatched the idea one day after one of them left the house an forgot his wallet at home. he had to borrow money and paid him back with a check. that whole hassle inspired them to start a company. >> we were just like why can't i just text you this money? then venmo was born. >> venmo is a system they set up to pay for things by teching. it allows to you link your credit card account to your cell phone so can you send money to your friends through text. >> kind of a whole new way to look at paying people back. >> reporter: michael is a venmo user who says he is writing fewer checks and visiting the atm less but spending more time on his cell. >> i use it when -- it is easiest when i'm splitting bills with someone whether it is going out to lunch or utilities with my roommate. >> reporter: the service is free to users but businesses are charged a shawl transaction fee similar to the fees credit
6:45 am
card companies charge to businesses. >> every time you make a payment, you get a text message and you get an e-mail. you are always very aware of what is happening with your money. >> one of our regular customers, ran in, grabed a cookie, yelled over his shoulder, venmo me and ran out. >> reporter: at simple kitchen in new york city, you grab a cookie and they charge you by sending you a text. >> it saves us time in the check out process. >> and at grumpy's cafe a in new york city, you order your coffee and you send a text with the dollar amount. >> once you see that it is sort of mitigating the hassle of having to write a check, or running to the atm and then it becomes kind of easy to deal with. >> reporter: how do you get the money out of your phone? you can have the company deposit your venmo balance right into your checking account. but keep in mind that some users do tell us that can take at least a couple of days. >> i got an idea.
6:46 am
just don't leave your wallet at home. >> cash always work. >> it sounds easier, doesn't it? >> all right. well, nothing easy about this weather. that is for sure. if you can't stand the heat -- >> that's right. get out of the kitchen. or leave the eastern seaboard because it is up and down all the way from boston down into the carolinas. experiencing unusual heat, something we've gotten used to for the past three months and now the first full day of fall and we are still talking about temperatures in the 90s. that will be the case today, tomorrow and then a cooldown for the weekend. so hang in there. won't be much longer. >> sounds food. >> let's talk about yesterday. you like record heat? you should have been hanging out at dulles international airport yesterday. 94degrees is the high temperature. bwi marshall, 91 degrees. our record high for today is 98. i don't think we'll hit 9 # degrees but likely low to -- i
6:47 am
don't think we'll hit 98 degrees but likely low to mid- 90s. it should be a quieter afternoon. 71degrees currently at reagan national. not cooling off a whole lot overnight. these temperatures in the 60s. so it is a little better off to the north an west. we woke up a couple of mornings ago in the upper 40s and low 50s. 6 # for you in nan manassas. # 7 town in fredericksburg. # # in leonardtown. annapolis had a pretty good thunderstorm. 71 for you. showers and thunderstorms off the coast this morning. -- 63 for new manassas. # -- 67 down in fredericksburg. high temperatures expected to be in the low 90s. well off to the north and west. north and west of chicago, that is our next cold front. that will get through here try
6:48 am
late friday and early saturday and start a cooldown which, as we get into the weekend, will have high temperatures only in the 80s on saturday and 70s for sunday and monday. 91 this afternoon. lots of sunshine, hot and humid particularly to this time of year. winds out of the north and west at about five miles per hour. the five-day forecast, if you want fall weather, hang in there, it will be back particularly by sunday and monday. can you see the next couple of days, 90s and we're certainly going to be flirting with records tomorrow as our record high for tomorrow is 94 degrees. we'll be right there. we might as well set some records as we get into fall here. saturday, sunday and monday, much cooler. maybe some rain by monday afternoon. >> which we could still use. >> it is time now for ask the weather guy. tony perkins and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise.
6:49 am
today's question comes from lonnie in bowie, maryland. this is a question an this is a great question and it is a little more complicated than what i've got here so i'll kind of expand on it. lonnie wants to know how far inland has the eye of a previous hurricane traveled along the coast of virginia, d.c. and maryland? eye of the tiger. >> i love you. i have no idea what you just said. >> how far inland has vt effects of hurricane strength winds been observed. >> has the eye of a hurricane ever passed through the immediate washington area. >> i don't know. >> one yes, one no. >> i've got the answer here. we'll look back in history, music, please. we have no more music. two storms. one is hurricane isabelle back in 2003. that passed within 100 miles of
6:50 am
the immediate washington area. >> you mean the eye. >> to our south and west down through charlottesville as it pushed up towards pennsylvania. so isabelle only got within # hundred miles of washington. our maximum wind gust with isabelle was about # 0 miles per hour here in downtown washington. that would not qualify as a hurricane passing through. then we go back through history, back through history, chesapeake, potomac hurricane of 19 # #. very famous hurricane. if you are into hurricanes, i advise to you study up on this one because it is fascinating. this hurricane passed just to our east and by just to our east, i mean it went right up across the potomac. up through prince george's county, right through eastern parts of washington, d.c. and then up through central maryland on its way through town. so the answer is yes, the potomac hurricane of 1933 did come right new downtown washington on its way north. it was no longer a hurricane. it was a tropical storm at that hour but we have had a tropical
6:51 am
storm/hurricane come right through room so that still qualifies even though it was a tropical storm? >> certainly i think it does for this question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab and we'd be happy to answer your question. thank you so much, lonnie. thank you so much, eye of the tiger. >> let's check in with julie for a look at traffic. >> good morning to you all. you will find lanes are open if you traveling the top stretch headed around towards the exit for 270. a slow ride headed out towards montgomery village avenue. more tea lays south of 28 headed out towards the split. no problems reported on 29 leaving randolph road and georgia avenue still quiet out of olney down towards the play. traveling in virginia, the accident activity on northbound i-95 at the prince william parkway just moved over to the shoulder so the lanes are open. slow traffic in ving field and
6:52 am
on 395 leaving duke street to seminary road. for fans of the fox show fringe and the show bones, the season premieres are tonight and holly has a preview of what is coming next. we'll head to fredericksburg for more on the big party they have planned coming up. thkeac
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